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The Roots of Funky

The Funky guitar is one of the things that I like to play, very much. This style is very dynamic and gives that extra spice to already solid drum grooves (and basslines). Since the late 40s the rhythmic guitar styles evolved in many different ways, one of them being the...

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Detroit and Soul Music History

They say the birth of soul came in the 1950s, when the parents of gospel and jazz came together to form a more contemporary and dance-friendly style of music. The Motor City is no doubt the backbone of modern soul and R&B. It became a powerhouse and industry standard for...

Do it yourself

Brief History of Pink Floyd

"Open your heart. I'm coming home." - Hey You, The Wall, Pink Floyd That line precisely describes what Pink Floyd tells its listeners. Pioneers of psychedelic and progressive rock, this enigmatic band introduced the world to a new realm of consciousness - The Subconscious. With an array of experimental and...