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Taking Care of Vinyl Records and Preserving the Ultimate Collection

Sprays and cleaners should be chosen with care, as many are made with peroxide, ammonia and bleach which can do irrevocable damage to delicate vinyl records. Online vinyl record stores suggest a gentle soap and water to clean vinyl as germs aren’t the issue, just dirt and dust.

Storing a Collection

Correct storage of a beautiful collection of old vinyl is likely the most important thing to take into account when it comes to proper care. There are many dangers to vinyl including possible warping, especially if they’re not protected by the sleeve they came with.

Also consider the damage inflicted by children, pets and more if vinyl is left out and around the house. It’s important to take the time caring for it and that means keeping it up and out of reach from them, as well as out of direct sunlight or extra warm places. Don’t forget that the sun moves, and so does exposure. Windows and skylights should be taken into account. Humidity and heat can melt the delicate ridges in the vinyl and make them beyond repair. Classic vinyl can even become molded together in extreme heat.

Cover Care

The actual vinyl isn’t the only thing that makes a collection special, without the covers the record is only partially valuable. They give protection but also are great pieces of artwork that are essentially priceless. However, if a record doesn’t come with the original covers they can be purchased or made.

To make covers, online record vinyl stores suggest gluing together basic, white printer paper along the edges. Once dry, slide the vinyl right in. The main idea here is to keep dust from collecting on them and this does the trick! Cardboard and other papers are fin as well as long as they are “soft” and won’t scratch when sliding the vinyl in.
Finding and Caring for Turntables

Sadly, a good turntable is more difficult to find than a favorite old vinyl record. Online record vinyl stores sometimes offer them, and they can be purchased brand new as well. However, most prefer a vintage player so some searching will be required.

To take care of a turntable, the best method is to avoid use of harsh cleaning agents and simply use a mild soap and water. Don’t use too much soap, either. A damp cloth with a bit of detergent will do the trick and simply wipe it free of dust particles.

Online record vinyl stores warn that vinyl is very easy to damage, and should be handled with care at all times. Gentle and careful use and cleaning is pertinent in making them last and be able to be played for many years. Try not to get fingerprints upon the vinyl as well. Use the label in the center to hold them, or if anything the outside edges as a last resort.

Online record vinyl stores are happy to help customers find just what they are looking for much like any store one would walk into to browse. It’s sometimes easier to find items as they can be looked up by artist or song title. They also offer many deals if one subscribes to their email list. Others include shopping in store as a part of their hobby. Regardless, building and maintain a collection is a fun thing to do for music lovers from all walks of life.